Small Business Tax Preparation and Planning Services

Comprehensive Tax Strategies

Whether your company is a corporation, partnership, professional corporation or trust, our team of tax experts can help you with reliable, accurate tax planning, preparation, and compliance.


Trusted tax advice and strategy

Our tax specialists understand that tax guidelines can be complicated and subject to change every year. We’ll take the mystery out of the tax code for you with clearly documented recommendations that help you understand our tax strategy. We regularly review your plan to stay in step with changes to CRA guidelines, so you’re always in the most advantageous tax situation possible.


Year-round tax advice and support

As an AMLB client, you don’t just see us at tax time. You’ll benefit from our seasoned, professional on-demand tax guidance throughout the year. We’ll ensure that all your questions are answered and concerns addressed quickly and with the utmost courtesy. We look forward to discussing your strategy with you at regular intervals.


On-time tax filings

It’s crucial that taxes and GST/HST are filed and payments are remitted on time to avoid penalties and interest. Let our team take this burden away from you by managing your tax liabilities with CRA, whether you remit taxes and GST/HST in an annual lump sum or in quarterly/monthly installments.


Support through change

Your business model is likely to change as it grows. For example, you might be thinking of incorporating, reorganizing, or expanding. We’re here to help you understand the tax implications of your intended plan, and ensure you benefit from every tax advantage available to your company.

Our Tax Services


Financial Statements


T2 Corporate Tax Returns


GST/HST Filings


Tax Planning


CRA Audit Support


T1 Tax Returns for Owner/Managers

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